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February 10, 2009 by

Hi Everyone,
After a year and a half on hiatus, the SV is back online!
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Welcome back to SV Online.

September 23, 2007 by

The 2007 Fall semester is in full stride and you know what that means…

Well yes, our football team is out there struggling (except for yesterday, did anyone check out the lead story on about our upset of Louisville?), but I was referring to another recent staple of the fall. The first issue of The Student Voice is finally here.

Issue One dropped last Thursday without any mishaps, so check it out here. Highlights include the return of SV Photospreads, an article about the relationship between football and injury and our first piece in a semester long look at social identity.

Check back each week at SV Online for the weekly issue and (every Wednesday) some interesting SU-related links.  Occassionally we’ll also have some SV extras like concert reviews/interviews, additional campus feature articles and even some multimedia (hint: check back early next week for photos and podcasts from Juice Jam ’07).  With all that action, you should probably bookmark this site in your Internet browser right now.

Until then,  enjoy Issue One and feel free to get in touch with us. Let us know what you think, what you’d like to see and if you want to get involved.

SV Staff

Blog-a-cuse: It’s the last one until August

May 17, 2007 by


Each week the Editor-In-Chief at The Student Voice offers up some links that might be of interest to the good people of Syracuse, N.Y.

  • Not sure if this will also happen under Hopkins, but local seven footer Ben Cronin of Henninger’s choose Michigan over SU on letter of intent day (via The Post-Standard).
  • Finally, to stay busy until The Student Voice comes back in full force in Aug./Sept. (there will be periodic posts until then), check out this blog with college-kid friendly graphs (via Indexed).

Blog-a-cuse: It’s the end of the semester!

May 11, 2007 by

My little banner, it's so beautiful ;-)Each week the Editor-In-Chief at The Student Voice offers up some links that might be of interest to the good people of Syracuse, N.Y.

  • The Spring ’07 academic semester is officially over – whooo! Congrats to all those graduating from the hallowed halls of SU. They’ll be going through the proper ceremonies this weekend where author Frank McCourt (via Wikipedia) is set to deliver the guest address. And since we are a school on the brink of the latest media technology – you can watch the whole thing live via webcast (via SU News).
  • More reason to celebrate if you’re an Orange alum. ESPN randomly decided to do a last-ten-years-in-review thing for college basketball, and SU made the cut in the two most important lists: best programs and best teams (via
  • I’m not sure how we missed getting press passed to this one, but about two weeks back SU held a ceremony (via The Village Voice) to commemorate Lou Reed in NYC (and both Bono and David Bowie were there)!
  • Finally, just a few random music links of interest. If you’re undecided about the 2008 election, this NY Post articles makes me think Guiliani wins based on his iPod (found via Stereogum). And in case you’re looking for a good read, this year was the one year anniversary of (found via Brooklyn Vegan) – you’ll thank me later.

Note: If you’re a college kid and you liked the music news, you’ll probably like to read the review of Ben Folds at RIT on 5/5 – coming this week at Student Voice Online.

This guy rocked my socks off
Mediocre photo by
Nathan Mattise

Block Party ’07: Catching up with Ciara

May 6, 2007 by

Since they were on-campus for the recent Block Party ’07 concert, recording artists Ciara and Lupe Fiasco were both gracious enough to sit-down with The Student Voice to talk about their performance and what else is going on in their lives.


(Q&A with Ciara by Shavon S. Greene)
Do you have anything exclusive planned for your first performance here?

This is actually going to be an hour long show, and I actually added so some more records to it today. So, that’s actually going to be fun. Also, I’m just going to come out here and have fun. This is my first time at SU, so I’m looking forward to this experience. I got to walk on top of the Dome earlier today. I got to run up and down the stadium stairs. It’s definitely cool being here. I’ve really been enjoying myself, and the weather is beautiful.

Well, it wasn’t a few days ago. (laughs) What has to be accomplished during your performances to make the show rewarding for you?

I always want to feel like I rocked it the right way. It’s the worst feeling – walking away and feeling like I didn’t give it my all as much as I should have. You never know how long it’s going to be before you come back, so that’s how I feel about my performances. I just want to give it my all, all the time, always giving 100%.”

I understand you like performing–enjoying dancing—Have you every thought about starting a dance school?

Absolutely, I’m actually working on it right now.

So, do you know where you want to start?

Atlanta is definitely the place I want to start. My ultimate goal is for it to be a small franchise that would be in the major cities—Atlanta, Miami, New York, and California. That’s where I would start. Hopefully, it would be a worldwide thing, but definitely a small franchise more than anything.

Continue reading Q&A with Ciara.
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