Block Party ’07: Catching up with Lupe Fiasco



In the second interview with Block Party ’07 performers, up-and-coming hip hop artist Lupe Fiasco talks with The Student Voice about the industry and his life philosophies.

As a responsible 21-year-old, I know food does indeed come before liquor.

(Q&A with Lupe Fiasco conducted by Shavon S. Greene)
You’re known as the “Best Kept Secret.” Your music is different from most rap music today because it has a clear purpose. Do you think because your music and not being the type to just sell records has something to do with your problems at Artista?

What happened at Arista is L.A. Reid got fired. So when he got fired, everything stopped. Everybody’s project stopped. It was more publicized with the Clipse. The Clipse are on Arista, and they had all that trouble trying to put their album out. They eventually had to go to Jive. It was the same situation for all the artists even for Ciara. We were all on Arista. Arista was like we’re done, and it was like what are we going to do. So, everybody had to find their own way to get out of Arista, and we actually got out of that system and went into the Warner Brothers system. So it was really because of that. It wasn’t because of any artistic reason; the CEO got fired.

You were in a group called Da Pak when you were nineteen?

I was in the group called Da Pak when I was eighteen. I got my first record deal when I was in high school, and I was with Da Pak. We were signed to Epic Records.

Did you like or dislike being in a group? Did you prefer being a solo artist?

The group fell through. That was more of the artistic kind of thing where it just wasn’t cohesive. We have put out maybe one single – really preliminary stuff – and never shot a video for it. It really didn’t do anything. It was like we were done.

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